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Guardian Program

We Have A FeMale looking for A guardian Family. Please fill out our Puppy APPlication if you are interested in our Guardian Program.

Bull Valley Australian Labradoodles is committed to raising healthy, well-balanced, loving doodles. It is important that our breeding dogs are raised in caring loving homes as family pets. We are not kennel breeders. We are a small family business and not able to house all of our breeding dogs here at home. This opens up a unique opportunity for select local families that are looking to add a hypoallergenic, non-shedding, loving, loyal companion into their lives and homes through our guardian program. Our Guardian Program offers an excellent, low cost way to have a top breeding quality Bull Valley Australian Labradoodle as a family pet.  Bull Valley retains breeding rights to our guardian dogs and all breeding related veterinary costs will be at our expense. Our Guardian families will house, raise, train, love and care for the puppy as their own. The Guardian family will pay for the day to day expenses of having a dog including food, immunizations, parasite treatments, training, grooming, toys, etc. After the dog’s breeding career is over they are spayed/neutered and ownership is transferred to the Guardian family.


Female Guardian dogs will deliver up to 5 litters. She will come to our home during her heat cycle for breeding, and then back home to you.  She will remain with you throughout her pregnancy and come back to us a few days before her due date and stay with us until the puppies are weaned.  We understand that it is difficult for families to be separated from their pets for an extended period of time so we encourage and welcome families to visit with scheduled appointments while they are away from your home.  A female usually has her first litter between 18 months and 2 years and will retire by 7 years of age.

Male Guardian dogs leave their Guardian homes for very short periods of time to sire but must be made available often on short notice. A male guardian is contracted for a longer period of time.

To become a Guardian home you must meet the requirements listed below:

  • Must live within a hour radius of Lake Barrington, IL

  • Own your own home where dog will reside

  • Have someone home for most of the day

  • Be a non-smoking household

  • Enroll guardian puppy in training classes (guardian puppy must earn their Canine Good Citizen Certificate by 1.5 years of age at Guardian Families expense).

  • Provide a safe and secure environment

  • Contact us immediately when an intact female begins her heat cycle

  • Attend and complete obedience classes and ensure the guardian puppy is leashed trained, potty trained and crate trained and is well socialized

  • Willingness to feed a high quality dog food we recommend 

  • Provide routine veterinary care such as wellness checks, annual vaccines, flea & tick protection, heartworm prevention, and grooming per our requirements

  • Reliable transportation and willingness to bring dog to us for breeding/birthing/whelping

  • Provide regular updates and photos of guardian dog for our website

At Bull Valley Australian Labradoodles we are dedicated to breeding for excellece according to the standards set forth by ALAA and WALA. Our carefully selected guardian puppies/dogs have been specially chosen to carry on the great quality of our program and they need loving families to raise them. Please call if you are interested in becoming a guardian family or have additional questions about our Guardian Home program.

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