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chocolate fleece labradoodle puppy

Hi Linda,
Great to hear from you!  We are doing very well and Titan is wonderful. He has made the transition into our home beautifully.  We had some rough patches with getting his food just right, but now at 9 months he is calm, sweet, friendly, smart and absolutely loves everyone!  He’s a great dog!!!  We would love to visit and see the puppies I see you recently had, they look adorable.  Rough time of year to be having puppies or bringing one home for Christmas :)

Please wish Tom and your whole Family a very Merry Christmas from all of us! Thank you for the email and thanks for Titan. Merry Christmas Linda!
Best ~ Vince

chocolate wave fleece Bull Valley labradoodle

Hi Linda,
I just took these photos of our Mandee at 5 1/2 months. Honestly, I feel we have won the “lottery” on puppies. This is our 4th dog and by far the smartest and easiest to train. She passed puppy kindergarten with flying colors and is currently in obedience class where she does very well.

We discovered that one of her litter mates (Ginger) is in the same class!! Both puppies stand out as extraordinary. I have had several people ask where Mandee came from and I have given them your name. Hopefully they have contacted you. Thanks again for the work you do.
Best ~ Susan

caramel fleece labradoodle from Bull Valley Australian Labradoodles

Hi Linda/Denise,
We hope you are well.  We adopted one of your doodles about two years ago and love him more than the air we breathe!  We are thinking that one more would be just right.

I know from your webiste that they are all adoped out for this year.  Can we get on the list for next years litter?  How do we do that?  My husband, Mark, is a teacher so ideally if we could get him/her early summer that would be great.
Thanks so much for breeding the best dogs ever.

sleeping chocolate labradoodle puppy

Can you believe Miley's puppies are 6 months old today?! Piper (Alice) is doing SO GREAT! Everyone is obsessed with her and it couldn't be possible to get more compliments on her looks, her coat, and her temperament! Her dragon continues to be her favorite toy to snuggle with, she loves the beach, playing with everyone, and crashing hard by sleeping in her back (such a lady). Weighing in at a whopping 20.2 lbs this morning. Hope you're enjoying the chaos of 20 PUPPIES at your house now!!! ~ Alison

chocolate and parchment labradoodles

You breed and raise the most BEAUTIFUL Australian Labradoodles. We are so lucky to have found you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from all of us - Chloe and Rooney too!

cream wool coot labradoodle

Hi Linda,
I hope that you are doing well.  I wanted to send these photos of our sweet Milo.  He is really the BEST dog in the world.  So gentle and good natured with the kids.  He is calm but can also be excited and full of energy when chasing his favorite ball.

We love him so much and he has been a great addition to the family.
Thanks so much ~ Lara

chocolate wavy fleece Australian Labradoodle from Bull Valley Labradoodles

Dear Tom and Linda, 

I hope this email finds you well. We cannot believe it has been 3 weeks since we picked up Tiger.  In so many ways it has gone so fast but he has integrated so well into his new way of life it feels he has been part of the family forever.


After we brought him home he had about 1 day where he was whining but after that he has been absolutely great including sleeping through the night, every night.


Tiger is now the talk of the block.  Every time we walk him we get stopped by multiple people asking questions about his breed, how he is so cute and including where we got him from.  Expect people contacting you from Evanston in the future!


Over the last couple of weeks below are some of the highlights…..
We are fortunate we live close to the beach and the lake.  We have found Tiger LOVES the sand and runs around like a maniac enjoying himself.  We have also had him paddling in the lake which he thoroughly loves.


We now have him going to doggy daycare twice a week.  We have him registered at a couple of day cares and he loves socializing with the other dogs.  One of the day cares has a daily doggy pool party, especially in the hot months which he loves.  Search Facebook at Lake Forest Kennel Club so you can check in on Tiger at day care.  Tiger goes Tuesday and Thursday and has great fun. They post at the end of each day'


At a recent checkup at the vet Tiger bumped into Dudley (formerly Jackson from Ivy’s litter).  It was great to see them playing and jumping all over one another.  We have exchanged details with Dudley’s family and plan on frequent family catch ups with his cousin
Tiger is growing so quickly as you will see by the photos.  He loves his kibbles and treats and is now 15lb putting on 2lb per week.  The vet is really pleased with his progress.  He is also learning very quickly and he has already learned his name, to sit and also to lay down. 


Having a wonderful time with him and he is a great addition to the family…..and we feel he is enjoying his new life very much.

Many regards ~ Mark and Lou

cream wooly coat labradoodle from Bull Valley Labradoodles in Illiois

Dear Linda, Adi(Altair) turned 2, on May 12th. Thank you for for the greatest treasure we have in our life..who brightens our day, every single day. He is our Joy! ~ Meera

Bull Valley Australian Labradoodle loves water

Linda and family-

I wanted to send you a quick note on behalf of our beautiful puppy (who is such a big girl now at almost 3 I can barely call her that anymore!)

We can't believe our Riley girl will be 3 this weekend, on July 23! Reflecting back, I wanted to reiterate that bringing her into our family was the best thing that George and I have ever done. She brings us so much love, happiness, and laughter every single day.

At 3, Riley loves to play with any dog she can, chew "no hides" and greenies, go for walks and hikes (she conquered a 20 mile 3day hiking and camping trip last July) and just people/dog watch off our deck.

We bought a lake home in WI this summer and Riley has been loving the smells on the boat and learning to get more comfy with the water.

There's nothing we don't love about our girl- thank you so much for connecting us with her.

Best ~Michelle


We had such a great experience with BV Doodles. This was our first puppy and Denise was so helpful through the process. Not only did Denise respond to my email inquiry so quickly, but the first time we spoke, she spent nearly an hour on the phone with me. I was also a bit apprehensive about sending a payment without first meeting their dogs, but now fully understand and appreciate how protective they are of their dogs/puppies health and well-being. We love our little puppy and already see the wonderful disposition that BV is famous for. 


Olga B. 


Hi Denise! Here are some updated pics of Quincy( aka Astro). He is 37lbs of love.   Such a sweet boy.  I know you have heard it a million times but you and your mom breed amazing dogs.  We can’t thank you enough. Not only is he a great dog he is so beautiful! We get so many compliments how adorable he is and how soft his coat is!!  I had hip surgery 6 weeks ago and he was my therapy dog. Very patient with me on crutches for 4 weeks!  Have a nice weekend 😊 ~ Tiffany

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